Recording Hall

The Recording Hall is our go-to room for impressive drum-, natural sounding piano- or full band-recordings. The room is also predestined for live film shoots accompanied by a high quality audio recording – see for yourself in our youtube gallery.

Despite it’s size the room is drier than one would expect because of the special barrel vaulted ceiling which diffuses sound in a beautiful way. The Recording Hall has a 48ch connection to the control room making it possible to realize to even the biggest production needs. With an 16ch headphone feed back from the control room, we can make sure that everybody’s listening needs are take care of.

Recording Hall Piano
Richard Spaven
Joolaee Trio
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180sqm, 8m room height, 1.2s natural reverb

48channels to the control room
16channel headphone monitoring
full Ravenna AES67 connectivity
DXD available

Tonstudio in Berlin