Soundtracs IL 4832

Digital Recording
Merging Technologies „Horus“ 48 Channel In/Out
(24ch DXD/24 ch pcm)
via Mac or PC
Ravenna AES67 Connection

Tape Machines
Studer A80mkII 24trk/2inch
Mechlabor STM-700 16trk/2inch
Mechlabor STM-610 2trck/quarterinch

Genelec 1032A
Geithain RL900

Focusrite HD215[2x] by Rupert Neve
Focusrite HD115 by Rupert Neve
SSL PreAmps
Siemens V76[6x]
Custom-build UFO PreAmps

EMT 140 & 250
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM70
TC Electronics M6000
TC Electronics 2290

AKG C451
AKG 414[3x]
AKG D112
Audio Technica 4033a
Audio Technica ATM 250
Audix i5
Beyerdynamic M260
Beyerdynamic M55
Beyerdynamic M80
Beyerdynamic N201
Brauner ASM-5 Surround Microphone
Electro Voice RE-20[2x]
Microtech Gefell M930
Microtech Gefell PM860[2x]
Microtech Gefell M69
Microtech Gefell UM70[3x]
Neumann KM83[3x]
Neumann KMi84[2x]
Neumann SM69
Neumann TLM170
Neumann U87[2x]
Rode Classic 2
Radio Shack PZM[2x]
Schoeps CMC-5 MK2[2x] + MK21
Sennheiser MD421[6x]
Sennheiser MD441[2x]
Sennheiser e609[5x]
Sennheiser e602
Sennheiser MKH40[2x]
Shure SM57[6x]
t-bone RB500

….and a lot of outboard gear by Neve, SSL, ADT, UREI, EMT, Lexicon, AKG, Roland, Focusrite, Tube Tech, SPL, T.C. Electronics and more…

If you are in need of a backline or want to rent specific equipment, please feel free to contact us.
We are able to rent almost any equipment needed for your production needs.

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