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We’re relying on Merging Technologies Ravenna network [AES67] for transporting digital audio in our facility.
Each room has an Ethernet connection to our Merging Technologies Horus converters running via a Pyramix Masscore+, supporting sample-rates up to 352.8kHz/24bit, DSD or DXD for up 24trks or up 48trks for sample-rates up to 192kHz/24bit.

This means that you can record in every room in the highest possible resolution without the necessity to use our control room by the simple plug of an Ethernet cable using the pristine on-board Horus preamps and converters which can be remote controlled.

This also means that all rooms in the UFO Sound Studios can digitally send and receive audio to each other – making live recordings, streaming or conferences a breeze.

Additionally, if you want to work with your own beloved workstation, because you don’t want to transfer project sessions or want to have immediate access to your digital enviroment, namely plugins, your DAW and more you can simply bring in your Mac or PC and connect to the complete studio enviroment by the plug of an ethernet cable – you will gain access to all our outboard gear, every single input and output in every room and even the tape machines, for example if you want to print your digitally recorded audio material on tape for that sweet, sweet saturation.

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

*Ravenna is compatible with Dante by the AES67 audio standard!

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